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  1. What is your special hidden super power?
  2. Fear not, you can still go to Valhöll and be blessed by maple syrup Woodie: "Wat r u doin stahp" Wigfrid: "Hehe Loki'd" Why didn't I think of this before... It was just one, it's fine But thank you both
  3. I love this so much. Have all my ... I'm all out of likes
  4. Thank you. Well I saw this one just now^^. Even Steven, or is it *waiting for more Woodie art*
  5. Doodle time Not here, Batman. Not in this world.
  6. Lovely, getting the original art style just right. More please.
  7. yay finally some Woodie art again and on my birthday woob woob
  8. On Wednesdays we were dapper nightmares

  9. Had so much free time, I thought I'd finally be productive. Nope, doing nothing as always. But managed at least this. Fun Facts: - Pyromania is a very uncommon disorder and is only diagnosed in less than 1% of the population that is tested for the disorder. It is much more common among males than females. 90% of all documented cases of the disorder have been males. - This disorder is considered an impulse disorder (others are Kleptomania, Compulsive Gambling Disorder, Intermittent Explosive Disorder and Tricotillomania) and has been diagnosed primarily in children and teens. The youngest recorded cases are of 3 year old children. - There's a difference between true pyromania and an attraction to fire. Also there are other disorders that may play a huge role in an individual’s willingness to let a fire rage out of control while they stand by watching. Criteria for the diagnosis of Pyromania: 1. Several fire setting episodes have to have occurred (more than 3). 2. Evidence of tension or stress has to have been exhibited before the fires were set. 3. There must be a display of an abnormal amount of interest in fire. 4. There must be a display of satisfaction after setting the fire. 5. There must be no monetary, political or power gain from setting the fire as the incentive to set the fire. 6. To be considered a pyromaniac, all other options (manic episodes, conduct disorder, antisocial personality disorder etc.) must be eliminated. - Before setting a fire, a pyromaniac will get excited, pumped with adrenaline, and very tense and tendentious. - During the setting and then during the burning of the fire a pyromaniac derives, feels, and/or experiences intense pleasure (often sexual) and a kind of release/relief from the setting and watching of the fire. - Pyromaniacs do not commit arson with the intention of hurting people, gaining revenge, unleashing feelings of frustration or anger, or simply out of boredom.
  10. I'll stop wearing black when they make a darker colour. *switches to nightmare fuel*

  11. Avada Kedavra got me. Well, William, that spell doesn't work in this franchise.
  12. He looks like he wants to slit my throat. Jk^^ It looks great but I'm in no case someone with a legimitate opinion, I've never done that before and I have huge respect for this (it must be not easy). But I think Wilson has/should have thinner lips.