[General] - Items Disappearing When Container Hit By Meteor?


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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Issue Title: Items Disappearing When Container Hit By Meteor?

Issue Description: I'm currently hosting a server with a base near a TallFort and under constant meteor showers. We've had several items go missing, including all our red and blue gems, and a fridge or two full of meats, veggies, and meat stews.

I can probably blame leavers/noobs/trolls for all of them, but in the case of the fridges mysteriously emptying, I don't think anyone left the game, everyone there denied stealing the food, and everyone there continued actively playing and contributing to the base. Odd behavior for griefers...

When the meat disappeared, someone said he saw meteors hit the fridge immediately before he checked it. I was nowhere nearby, so I can't verify.

Steps to Reproduce: Host a game

Build a fridge in a meteor shower

Fill it up with foodstuffs

Have a client stand and watch the fridge for meteor strikes that hit but don't destroy it

Stand far away from the client when it happens (No idea if this makes a difference to the networking code)

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Just replicated this.




Put them in the icebox.

c_spawn('shadowmeteor') over the icebox


The icebox should be getting destroyed (possibly dumping its contents and half of its crafting material), but instead it just gets emptied.

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