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I am playing beta for a while now, and i started noticing that I never leave the game without frustration. The gameplay is highly addictive and fun, always enjoy it, but whenever it ends I am always frustrated. There are several reasons for this


- 1 - Taking the role of caretaker. I seem to nurse people around a lot. Especially when the server host is a newcomer, and several times situation arised, when host demanded to be ressurected. They get bored being ghost and if you don't ressurect them right away, they just abandon server, ruining the game. 


I am past the point when I just die when i am all by myself. I learned how to survive through night with 25% torch or battle hunger and sanity drain. I once survived winter without clothes, burning grass and trees one by one and eating everything that pops up.

I am also really all for ressurecting fellow players. But sometimes I am far, or occupied running between tentacles. So when people demand food, materials or ressurection, I am just left scratching my head.


And there is no way to find experienced players, while browsing random servers. It's hit and miss all the time.


- 2 - Encountering jerks. One thing is some random high ping lurker, who walks by sets your camp on fire destroing every single thing, while your gathering fireflies. Instant game exit for me. Now way to prevent this, have to just deal with it.


Other thing, people who set up servers friends only without a password. I usually search for lowest ping servers to narrow down dissconects. So when I get kicked right away, with phrase FRIENDS ONLY... Again scratching my head. Isn't that what passwords for?


People that are looting stuff you don't want to be looted. I usually ask when i need something, so when I come back and find that this web I was keep for bugnet is gone, because someone wanted a classy hat....


- 3 - Server crashes. Happens usually when you find a nice low-ping server. Play for a while. And sooner or latter some guy with 500 ping shows around and lags they whole server with crash in result. Why? Why does he join the server that has high ping for him? Motivation always eludes me. I always do my best to find the most low-ping server for my own sake at least.


- 4 - When game ends, it ends for good. Not even once i was able to return to the same server game. I tried making friends with host, just to find out that he just discarded the world I had my stuff in. I developed this habit that I can't leave, knowing this effort i made in this world is gone for good. So if the game is good i play way beyound midnight, still sad to leave.


- 5 - Server saturation quick. It is rather unfun to join a server which is running beyound 15 days. Resources are scarce not only from constant dweller, but from all lurkers who joined, lived for two days around the portal and left, taking all gather resource with them. You start in the middle of wasteland/



So what things get you frustrated? How do you cope with them?

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mostly 3, I can't seem ever seem to find a random server with a low ping, and I'm in a LDR because I recently moved to Florida, so all my friends and my girlfriend are back in Kansas. Ping sucks, man.


maybe a little 1 too, I mean I don't mind playing nurse, but I find that I'm making a lot of the food and revival items when I'm playing.


If you live near Florida, we could try making a game together, 1, 3, and 4 at least wouldn't happen on my servers, and it would be great to have someone to play with

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with phrase FRIENDS ONLY... Again scratching my head. Isn't that what passwords for?
 There's even a setting they can put for the server that prevents anyone but friends from seeing it, so yup, they're basically being stupid/ignorant.


some guy with 500 ping shows around and lags they whole server with crash in result.
This shouldn't be happening in the first place. Someone joining with high ping shouldn't lag the server any more than someone joining with low ping.



But as GeorgeStorm pointed out, I think the only real solution to most of these frustrations is to find people you know and play with them. But I know that can be hard...

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a lot if not all  your issues could be solved by only playing with your friends. (depending on what kind of friends you keep)


I love don't starve and have been waiting for DST since I heard about it, but I have absolutely no interest in playing with people I don't already know for exactly the reasons you listed. there's too many trolls, idiots and jerks out there so I choose to limit my player pool with those I already know personally.

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