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Question about gifting

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I have a similar question: Will he get the discount on DST if he gets gifted don't starve right now?


I remember there was a time not too long ago that buying DS and then the Frontier Pack was cheaper if the discount for owning the base game applied, ended up being like $11 for DS -> frontier and (obviously) $20 for just the frontier

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If someone owns Don't Starve in their library, but not DST, they should be able to purchase the Frontier pack for $5 dollars to buy 2 keys for DST ( Saying for clarity: You will not get another copy of DS from the pack.) People who can't purchase the Frontier pack are those who already have DST in their library (as one key will go into your own steam library from purchasing it [but this can't happen if you already own it], and also steam doesn't like it.)


The "discount" or "sale" gets applied to the Frontier pack, because whoever is buying already owns Don't Starve so it removes the Don't Starve price from the pack, making it $5 dollars, hence the "sale". No reason to re-buy things you own. :)


Not owning Don't Starve you will see the Frontier pack cost $20 dollars, because you will be given the base game (DS), which there are currently different sales for. This caused some confusion for people, because they thought they would be getting a free DS game for only $5 dollars, but that is not the case. :o



So in short, if your friend does not own DST and is gifted Don't Starve and adds to his library, he should be able to purchase the Frontier pack for $5 dollars, or just wait until release if he wants to get it for free instead.

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