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Is it just me or do clockwork setpieces not spawn with WX?

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I know the maxwell biome is not in yet, but there are always a few setpieces with clockworks, and everytime i host as a not WX player i can find them. 



However, i have played a few with WX, and each time i have not seen any clockworks XD


this is a bit anticlamactic lol. Setting the settings to more is a bit unplayable for my lesser experienced friend sadly (as well as the lag from all the extra mobs etc...)


Did anyone notice this as well? or am i just plain unlucky...

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The world gen adds 5 random set pieces in, which includes a list of chess biomes, the maxwell ones, and 3 other warzone biomes (like merms vs pig set pieces). Since not all the chess biomes have clockwork monsters (some just have items, dark flowers and marble trees), it's possible even if all 5 set pieces get added in your world will have no gears available. I believe depending on the world size it may not be able to fit all the optional set pieces in, also increasing the chance.

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