Need any type of help for mod huge as U&A !


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Hey everyone I'm Lampofulmine!!!


Me and some of my friends are in the process of doing a VERY VERY huge mod, theoretically as big as the Up & Away mod. We are planning to add new extraordinarily features in the present world, for example addition of the entity of WATER but also the addition of an UNDERWATER WORLD !!!  


We have a lot of ideas which have to be implemented but we still have loads of fertile ground for accepting new and innovative ideas !!!


We've just started and therefore we need some help to make this possible !!! 



So far we have done  (100%) the following features:


1. Cherry tree 


2. Apple tree 


3. A rainwater collector


Again is still the beginning of the mod and as a consequence we have only gone so far for now  :joyous:


This is our priority list of the things we would like to add:



Artists, programmers and animators are widely welcome !!!  If you want more info, want to be part of this mod or just wanna know what is this about, send me PM and i'll reply immediately... or simply post here :loyal:  !!!


Thanks Everyone 




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don't call me rude, but how "UNDERWATER WORLD" correlate with "1. Cherry tree 2. Apple tree 3. A rainwater collector"?

Isn't it more about algae, mermaids, crabs, fishes? Just add here some screen effect like you under water and slow a bit speed of player.

I am not similar with biomes, but probably its really a lot of work, so good luck.

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Well our initial idea was to simply add some stuff to the present world and therefore we got into new mobs / plants. Halfway that we decided to do things on a bigger scale and that's why we have trees and rainwater collector 100% ready to go !

We know its going to take a lot to complete but more we are faster the project will be finished :) !

Project too big ? Well what did that guy say: "Always aim for the moon, even if you miss, you'll land among the stars."

Good luck to you my friend !

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Well i can't encode but if you need me i can give you inspiration and beta/alpha test for you 

Like an idea for example being that you are adding water program in a thirst system and add clear plastic so like you can make a water pit put contaminated water in it like real life and the sun would evaporate it and being stuck on the plastic it would coll down and turn clean by the process of evaporation basically it is a clear plastic sheet to the ground with a cup of dirty water to work as a purifying system unfortunately next to testing and more advice this is all i can give you

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We will be happy if you are going to be a tester for the alpha/beta mode !

We were thinking to introduce GLASS instead of PLASTIC which is not very don't starve-ish, with kinda of similar system you said but is still something we need to discuss altogether.

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