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  1. New Recipes have been added ! Ever fancied new dishes to cook with fish ? This is your day ! We will introduce you to the SUSHIS ! Tentacle sushi, flower sushi and fishi sushi will be the underwater water most beloved !
  2. Animating four-sided creatures can be pretty difficult; the amount of animations needed is quite consistent especially if you're planning to have your creature to not only walk and run but also to attack, go to sleep etc... Usually for four-sided creatures you would have three different "groups" of animations: up, down and side + some single-always valid anims. Now, follow me here, there are FOUR necessary anims needed per group as a basis, these being: idle, walk, run, death. So if there are 4 anims for each group now you have 12 anims but this is not the end. The "walk" and "run" anim are not just simply one but include 3 more anim, this being the (walk or run)_pre, (walk or run)_loop and (walk or run)_pst. On the other hand, the "idle"requires only 1 anim per group and "death" only 1 which is used for all groups. I KNOW IT FEELS MESSY but what comes next its the easy part. **The bold text is just for guiding, the anims name is what come after it** (A) In other simpler words the .scml file for four sided creatures has the following basic set up: - idle: idle_up, idle_down, idle_side - walking: walk_pre_up, walk_loop_up, walk_pst_up - running: run_pre_up, run_loop_up, run_pst_up - dying: death (B) In case you wanna do a creature that also has the "attack" this follows the same structure of "idle": - attacking: atk_up, atk_down, atk_side (B) In case you wanna do a creature that also has the "sleep" you will need to add slightly different anims: - sleep: sleep_pre, sleep_loop, sleep_pst (C) In case you wanna do a creature that also has the "hit" and "eat" you could do the following: --Less complex creatures - hit: hit - eat: eat --More complex creatures - hit: hit_up, hit_down, hit_side - eat: eat_up, eat_down, eat_side (D) (Optional) Lastly, if for some reason you want your creature to become a prefab after dying e.g. the DS fish that once fished it becomes a pickable prefab, you will also need to add the "death" anim (where the anim is the still creature or essentially an object): - death: death (E) (Super optional) If you fancy adding some special animations like custom anims which are just for fun/aesthetics and hence are not essential you will just have to add the special animation name: e.g. (using random names) - special: special - fun: fun HOPE THIS HELPS !
  3. Been into modding for quite a while, tried compiling and decompiling and such for looooongggg time on mac. Result ? In order to avoid broken files, issues, bugs etc... the best thing you can do is code on your mac and let the compiling be done by someone who has a windows, I mean it. Easiest option !
  4. that I'm aware of the ktools of simplex was the only thing I knew used for decompiling; i remember something called Handsome Matt tools or on those lines but probably was only for compiling
  5. You using ktools as you are on... Mac or lynux ? Tbh I prefer having someone on a windows doing the compiling via the autocompling as its a tad more reliable than krane and ktech
  6. Great to know ! So it was just a matter of redoing the spriter with the new designs uh !
  7. Like the idea although would the player be exhausted after each recharge ? Or only if durability gets down to zero and player recharge it at that point ? If a player is fighting and then become exhasuted it could die in the process, maybe just make the "recharging" time longer as if the player was crafting something but with triple the length. In this case player could just take his/her time and evaluate the situation better !
  8. I believe the image definetely needs more polishing and possibly could be that it was not quite positioned in the center while doing the anims. I'm not aware that the code has any effect on the onmouse hitboxes, 99% is the png not being competely clean or wrong-positioned spriter anims.
  9. help

    @makar5000 I'm not a DST modder but my team and I did implement a new widget on DS/DLCs. What I can tell you is that instead of basing ours on widget, we based our on a badge. In order to "connect" it to the player we added a few lines of code in a postinit section (which you don't appear to have) where we used the sim.lua to directly attach it to player and the player.lua to call for events and such... Hope this helps !
  10. Well the question then arises, will CitD be the next kind of DLC that DS is gonna see ? XD
  11. @DwerBomb sooon sooooon sooooooooooon ! We're close, very close to an Alpha version !
  13. Soon you're gonna be able to enjoy the Underwater ! Check the beginning of the thread for the discord server where we have the latest updates for the mod ! Alpha is just behind the corner !!
  14. Hello community ! The last week or so the CitD team has been working on creating a mod which would add the underwater world together with new mobs, items, craftables and such ! Let's make this oceans more interesting uh !!! Come and check out the thread on the section DS mods !!! Whether you wanna give suggestions, say something, talk with the team, check the latest updates, see the development & enjoy the gallery, join us on the Discord server !!!! Your opinion is important !!! - CitD Team
  15. Another bunch of new items and mobs has been added ! SW compatibility is coming soon as well ! Alpha is gonna be compatible with all DS DLCs !!! XD CHECK THE DISCORD FOR MORE UPDATES !!!