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I have played single-player Don't Starve for about a year. I haven't read many dev blogs, so I'm unsure of Klei's future plans. Nor am I up-to-date on bugfixes. Though I may be ignorant of some of these things... Here are some of the suggestions I have for Don't Starve Together.


- Issues I have noticed -

1. Lure plants don't appear to work. In my games of Don't Starve Together (DST) with my friends, I have observed the plants collecting resources and using a different kind of meat as bait. However, when the plant is attacked, it only gives a fleshy bulb - no leafy meat, nothing collected, just the fleshy bulb. This makes lure plants next to useless in game. They can, I suppose, be used to attack oncoming hounds or other hostile mobs, however they are more of a nuisance than anything else.


2. Pengulls, as in single-player DS, seem to take a while to meander to their nest. Is it possible to have them meander there even when the player(s) are off-screen? I haven't observed pengulls in-game enough to say whether this is strictly a problem or not, but just something that is a little confusing.


3. Player-made bee boxes don't appear to make honey. Even when flowers are present, and even when I've seen bees landing on flowers and returning home at dusk - still no honey. It is possible that it was getting close to winter when I was observing them, perhaps that had an effect? I'll look into this one a bit more.


4. Why does the thermal stone have a percentage in DST? It doesn't do this in single-player. I don't understand why this is necessary.


5. "I should wait my turn". You probably expected that this limiter would annoy people. Is there a possibility of multiple people editing things in chests/Chester/ice boxes/crockpots in future?


6. People appear to sometimes join the game with different starting camera orientations. This makes it very tricky to co-ordinate.

"We're south of spawn"

"I walked south"

"What are you near?"

"I'm in a rocky biome"

"That's north!"

"It's south to me!"

So on...


7. I had a game with 6 players in DST. We were all playing within the Sydney/Newcastle area. Though 4 people seemed to work (with minor lag), 6 players was just unplayable. We had rubberbanding, unfair deaths and disconnects resulting in some people just becoming entirely frustrated with the game. Admittedly, you can't control for people's host computers, but maybe there's some way you could improve this further?


Well, now we're past all that nasty stuff, let's finish with an idea for a gamemode!


- Idea -

It seems that the easiest place to make a base, when playing with people you don't know, is right by the spawn (Jury-Rigged Portal, or something?). This allows for an easy introduction to newcomers, and saves time, rather than building a base far from spawn and having to go and collect newcomers.


For this reason, I think a "defend the spawn" game type would be enjoyable. Build a base, nay a CASTLE around spawn and defend the spawn from being destroyed by oncoming hound attacks, or maybe just waves of various hostile monsters.


During the day, players would collect resources to build the base. Perhaps wormholes would be strategically generated so that players could get to biomes further out more quickly. They would then return, build, prepare...


Then at night, increasingly stronger waves of enemies would come at your party, break down barricades, march through tooth traps, set off bee-mines, all in an attempt to get at your spawn (which, I guess, could be something other than the Jury-Rigged Portal, or whatever it's called? Maybe more like a heart of some kind?), and murderise it!


Perhaps this idea isn't quite in the same spirit as Don't Starve, and you'd reject it on that basis... but I think it would be attractive to many a soul - especially those who enjoy building cool Don't Starve bases! It's still survival, in a sense, and definitely encourages teamwork among players.


Maybe if you didn't work on this idea officially, it'd still pop up as a mod for Don't Starve - but I'm not much of a modder. So if you're a modder reading this, feel free to pick up this idea and use it. You don't even have to credit me, it's just an idea :)


Thanks for hearing me out,


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1. Yep, lureplants are bugged at the moment. 


3. I've had no problems with beeboxes. Keep trying and if it's a persistent problem, might need a bug report. They're not really supposed to work in winter.


5. I think this is to avoid problems of who did what first - if both people try to take out a single item at the same time, etc. Waiting is annoying, but not one of the bigger problems.


6. I turn my camera a dozen times in the first minute on joining a server, and I never remember which way is north...


7. They're constantly working on lag issues, it's better now than it used to be.

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1. Bug, as Mysanthil pointed out.


2. If there are no players anywhere near, then they will be paused until players come back near.


3. You need at least 6 flowers. Before making honey, any given bee has to reach 6 separate flowers, at which point it will return home and create a honey.


4. Apparently someone was like "thermal stones are OP!" and then they had durability. I don't get this one, either.


5. I don't think so. There are a huge number of bugs that could result from multiple people rummaging a container at the same time. It would be nice if you could at least put items into it while someone was using it, though.


6. I don't think the camera orientation starts out differently, but I guess it's hard for me to verify this. I think some people are just very accustomed to rotating constantly.


7. Yeah, lag is a huge problem. Hopefully their are many engine optimizations ahead (and many have been applied already-- one of the most undersold changes in a recent patch was "fixed pathfinding for walls on clients"-- but it appears what this actually did was cause nearby walls to lump into single collision objects, which massively improves the performance if you have lots of walls).


The game mode you describe sounds like a more complex version of PeterA's The Hunt. I'm sure someone will make something like it soon, modders only very recently got their hands on tools for custom game modes.

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lol, you have so much ressources in DST, so having durability on thermal stone is great idea.

Camera np, just don't rotate or remember when you rotate, and tbh I never rotate since the view is good (only in forest when i hunt a koalefant, but I guess it's not bad, more realistic ! harder to hunt in forest lol)


And I don't have that often the issue of "2 on 1 chest/fridge", do something else when it happens.

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4. Apparently someone was like "thermal stones are OP!" and then they had durability. I don't get this one, either.
 I think it was made so that you actually need to babysit the thermal stones, making them more alike the clothes. Can't say I like it a lot, but it's enough of a nerf.
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Thank you for all your comments! I love that we have a community where we can discuss these things. I can see why some of the things I have mentioned are not issues. I hope my idea is picked up by someone one day though.

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