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Questions about Wolfgang and wicker bottom


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Alright, I'm having issues playing as Wolfgang, especially early on. He is almost constantly at wimpy and I don't have the food to keep him at mighty even when I only need it for combat.

With wickerbottom I understand she hates spoilage however it feels like it actually spoils faster. Does it? Wolfgang to me has to be one of the hardest characters to play, I understand about the belt of hunger but is it possible to make him powerful without it.

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Don't worry about keeping Wolfgang from going wimpy. That I know of, that's how a lot of people play as Wolfgang. If you keep him in his mighty state, his hunger will drain faster and it'll hurt you in the long run. Just stockpile your food and use it whenever you'll REALLY need it...like fighting a Deerclops. Any other time, a football helmet and log suit will do you good.


As for Wickerbottom, food doesn't spoil faster when you play as her. I think you're just more aware of food spoilage when you play as her. The same goes for me when I play as Willow...It feels like fires burn out a lot faster when you're dependent on them for sanity.

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Also what food should I make? What gives lots of hunger but lasts a while


The meaty stew is obviously very feeding, but I think wg gets normal from it. Honey ham, Bacon 'n' Eggs and Dragonpie are good ones, I think.


I haven't played wolfgang a lot though.

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