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  1. Bump. It would benefit more people than myself we knew how to make ghost sound effects. Anyone with custom sound effects on their character mod could use this.
  2. Bump. I'm still looking for a solution to this. I've tried many different effects in Audacity and I've let a friend give it a try with FL Studio. No dice.
  3. @ImDaMisterL I'm sorry, but that doesn't sound even remotely close to what I'm looking for. The top is the unedited voice, the middle is wahwah'd (default settings) and the bottom is my goal (normalized). I played with the wahwah settings for a few minutes and nothing made it sound any closer. It doesn't sound quite as...harsh?
  4. Hello. I was working on a character mod and I hit a bit of an artistic roadbump. The very last thing I need to do is to create the talking ghost sound effects for my character. I know how to insert sound effects into the game, but I am not familiar with how these sounds were made. As an example, here is Willow's voice before and after she becomes a ghost: Willow Talking SFX.zip What effects would I apply to Willow's normal voice to make it sound like her ghost voice? A friend told me it has something to do with flanger, chorus and reverb but I'm not sure how to apply those effects.
  5. If you are having trouble compiling everything in your "exported" folder, then try manually activating the autocompiler. Head to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Don't Starve Mod Tools\mod_tools" and double click on the autocompiler. You probably shouldn't be deleting your old .zip files, either. I just compiled my character into DST for the first time and I didn't have to delete anything. On another note, is anyone familiar with what face-32.png is used for in the DST version of this template? I tried all of my emotes and the yawning animation but I never saw face-32.png.
  6. Is it just me, or are Extended Sample Characters way smaller than the vanilla ones? Like, if Wilson stands next to a grass tuft, his hair will come up to the top of the grass tuft. But if you stand an Extended Sample Character next to a grass tuft, they'll be slightly shorter. In order to keep it from looking weird, I had to set the scale of my character to about 6/5. So, is there something wrong with the Sample Character? If so, is Dleowolf aware of this?
  7. 7055 downloads

    Wyvard the Cold-blooded Cavalier "A fiery passion burneth within me!" Hunger: 150 | Health: 150 | Sanity: 120 Steam Workshop (DS version) Steam Workshop (DST version) * Can sacrifice hunger for heat. (Press R) * Sensitive to the cold. * Follows a code of chivalry. Wyvard is a challenging RoG character with many abilities revolving around temperature. He was originally a middle-aged man with a quixotic complex, but was transformed into a monster by Maxwell and banished to his world. Because of his transformation, he suffers from low sanity and a high sensitivity to temperature. Unlike other characters, Wyvard will take freezing and overheating damage at higher temperatures. By pressing R, Wyvard can toggle his Dragon Fire ability. This will heat him up and produce light at the cost of quadrupling his hunger rate. The radius of Wyvard's light will increase with his temperature and while overheating, he will produce as much light as a torch. Wyvard's temperature can have benefits or drawbacks depending on how hot or cold he is. At low temperatures Wyvard takes 25% more damage, moves 25% slower and deals 25% less damage. The inverse is also true; if Wyvard is nearly overheating he will take 25% less damage, move 25% faster and deal 25% more damage. But be warned, wearing winter gear is less effective for Wyvard! During fights, Wyvard follows a strict code of chivalry. If he attacks a creature that is passive, sleeping, burning or frozen he will suffer a sanity penalty of 5. On the other hand, Wyvard suffers half the sanity penalty for being near monsters and gains a small sanity bonus for every aggressive creature killed. His code of chivalry does not apply to non-sentient structures, shadow creatures or the powerful giants. Scripting: Seiai Beta Testing: Ysulyan Everything Else: DragonDePlatino
  8. "Looks like that wandering flock of penguins just set up their nest next to a murderous spider den...Poor spiders." "I've never done beekeeping before! Let's try beekeeping!" *Catches three bees* *Winter begins* "Fuuuuuuuu-"
  9. @Corrosive Yes! Yes! Yes yes yes! That's exactly what I needed to know! The spriter file looks a little derpy, but I can see all of the animations and the facial swaps. Thank you so much for helping me out with this! Now I'll finally be able to finish this character's art after months of work. Yeah, and it looks like Dleowolf made his character a lot more "cheery" in some of the animations (like /facepalm) so it's a good thing I found out how to view these.
  10. @Corrosive I appreciate the help, but I'm afraid this does not solve my problem. You see, in the newest version of the Extended Sample Character, there are a bunch of face files labelled face-0 through face-30. I do not know which face file matches up to which emote. Your emotes.lua lets me know what all of the commands are, but I do not know if something like face-19 is supposed to be /cry, /sad, or something else entirely. It's hard to tell because many of the faces look very similar.
  11. Yes, I've done ROM-hacking in the past so I'm aware of this method. The problem is, I cannot see any of these animations in-game. All I can see are the emote images, and I have no idea which face matches up to which emote. @Dleowolf Could you please tell us all which face file matches up to which emote command? I have worked on this character for several months and this is the final thing I need to draw before I start scripting.
  12. Does anyone know which face files match up to which emotes? I've been using this video as a reference, but Dleowolf's character barely resembles Wilson and there are a bunch of lazy edits in the face files. I can't tell what's what aside from the obvious ones like /angry and /waves. EDIT: If possible, could someone please upload a video with all of the sample character's emotes? I don't have DST so I can't do this myself. I know this would probably take a while, but I'm sure a lot of people would be able to use it!
  13. All of my character's lines are finished! All that's left is updating to the newest template and adding the new faces.