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Hi guys today I want to tell you a story that happened to me in my early days testing DST...


I came to a new world, when I crossed the portal it was getting dark and I decided to go for materials and food, when suddenly it got dark ... (I have much experience on Don't Starve but for me DST was another totally different game mode, night was taken me by surprise). Four people die, me included, and I decided to look for some kind of base with some survivors, but only found two more ghosts keeping a Telltale heart...








There were three ghosts and none at all could revive anyone.


We were totally away from everything and that Telltale heart was useless for us at that time.


Other ghosts decided to go find some other solution, all I could think was haunt the Telltale heart to the portal, so surely find someone who could help.








And I pushed and pushed the heart. I even found a Treeguard on my way, I will fight with you on another time, I thought.







I couldn't believe what they saw my ghostly eyes, I finally found someone, and alive!

There it was him, touching the floor with the two legs. I almost felt strange to see someone who was not hovering. I decided to request help.








And then the man decided to help me and gave part of his life to save mine.








It was a very happy moment, all that effort paid off. :-)








I thanked him and as was done at night we went to their base, where I could recover me and start over.








I always like to ask forgiveness for my bad English, Some time ago I wanted to share this story with you guys. Don't surrender, you never know when a friend may need your help.  


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