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Sooo, rabbits?

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Yes I do find it quite annoying being nerfed. I now cannot prey upon all you naughty boys and girls. I know you place those horrid toothtraps, Maxwell is the one that tells me to not punish you. He thinks its innocent because you didn't do it directly.

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Krumpus needs to be buffed IMO. All you have to do is place a toothtrap on their holes and you can get easy 10+ morsels a day. And to kill rabbits without traps you just run at them from the direction they're going to run (aka back to their holes) and slice them. I think rabbits should get buffed and run around you or something because it's ridiculous how easy it is to kill them.

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Didn't kill even single rabbit in my 111 days game, they give only meat, and i can have plenty of meat from other sources. But if you just start the game without any research done, rabbits are good, but only until you unlock armor, helmet and spear, after that you can kill spiders, pigs for meat. Living on rabbits consumes too much time. Krampus??? That thing don't exist at all.

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