Local Multiplayer (computer, not lan) with controller support

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connecting two controllers you could play local multiplayer with a friend, with splitscreen

i got this idea after buying ps-styled twin controllers (kinda unpractical, one controller has a usb cable and the other controller is connected to the first one) and realizing how fun it is to play the games you normally play alone with someone else

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>Darn. I was hoping you'd be able to play on the same screen. Will this ever be possible for the game?
Never say never, but it's pretty unlikely: there are a lot of difficult-to-solve UI problems that crop up once you have two characters sharing one screen. The one idea I've had so far that I think would address them fairly well is to have a Don't Starve Twins mode where you're actually linked: shared inventory, shared crafting, shared health, sanity and hunger. But even then, that would be tricky to implement and isn't really even on our radar at this point. Plenty to do to make Don't Starve Together what it ought to be without adding a new mode to the mix :-)
(All that said, I agree that split-screen Don't Starve would be amazing. But I don't have my hopes up.)

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