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What Shoud I Do?

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Hi again guys, I have an idea for a DST character that I want to release but I cant seem to get my head around all these codes and options. I don't know whether the pro/con/skills that I want to add can be added, and if so I don't know how.... what should I do to know? how could I learn??


-thanks in advance

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@KingWooster, I suggest looking at one of the simpler mods on the Workshop and looking at the files in it. Then try making a small change to it and seeing how that changes in game. Then step by step from there build up to a bigger more complex mod. Once you're more familiar with how the some simple mods work, I'd suggest looking through this tutorial. http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/46849-tutorial-using-extended-sample-character-template/


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