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  1. So let me see if i understand it, if i want to have DST after the end of the beta i have to buy DS? If so i'll buy it right now because of the 40% sale
  2. edit: i was about to sleep when i wrote this comment and didn't even understand what you said properly, ignore this lol
  3. Didn't think of that, but do you think that the other alternative is even possible? Juding by how things are looking right now the server probably wouldn't allow people to eat foods that they don't even have on their inventory
  4. Or make the mod auto-update the dumps, you would have to write code to dump it anyways, so all you would have to do after any update is create a lobby where you are host and do something like ctrl + alt + g to "update" the mod, sounds like a viable auto-update solution. Not sure if you can write files with mods though.
  5. So the developer will have to dump all the informations and save them locally on the mod to make it work for clients? I can't understand why it's not possible for the client to get these informations, they should be in the client somewhere, but i know nothing about how DST works or mod development so i guess i'm not the best person to comment about this.