[General] - Clockwork Monsters not spawning in world


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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Issue Title: Clockwork Monsters not spawning in world

Issue Description: We have hosted 5 different servers, all with clockwork monsters except the last one. We revealed the map and there was no clockwork monsters spawned. In addition to that, we could not send you guys the server save.

Steps to Reproduce: Randomly generated bug on world creation when hosting a server.

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Do you have any mods enabled?


Are you creating worlds with adjusted world settings (such as the presets, the game mode, etc)? Or are you simply clicking "host server" and creating the world as-is (which is Together Forever preset, and Endless Mode)?

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It seems conceivable, though rare that it could happen. In Together Forever the only chess monsters come from the 5 random static layouts, I don't think any required tasks/layouts have them. If you got unlucky and got all layouts without clockwork monsters (For example, Warzone1 + Warzone2 + Warzone3 + Chessy4 + Chessy5), I think you could have a world without clockwork monsters without any specific bug occurring.

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