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Host your own dedicated server

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Not sure if this was discused yet, but if not then there's my suggestion: I would like server to be up and running, even when I can't play. As I have already experienced most of the servers that I join in, are very temporary and won't even last enough to have a medium base set up (or they are running at the time when I'm away, then it's mostly my fault). So what I wan't to say is: I would like that you could download a program from steam tools (great example is minecraft server even though it's not downloaded through steam tools) that would let you keep server up without having to stay in the game.

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I believe Klei is already working on handing out tools for players to create their own dedicated servers. Sadly, I have no information on when it will be available. 

God knows what they are working on right now. Anyway I am sure that it's worth waiting, as always.

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Many threads were already answered about dedicated servers.

Klei set up dedicated servers for some modders. I'm one of them. I don't think we have the right of uploading the dedicated specific files to another server without permission.

For now, dedicated are working well. But the admin needs to be connected in order to manage it: kick / ban players, or reset the world.

No slots are reserved for the admin, So if the server is full and you need to kick someone... You can't.

There is, for now, no way to change world generation options or to manage the ban list

Moreover, there are still some memory leaks and some performance issue.

Hope that helped

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