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A Novella Series Dedicated to Don't Starve. (From Wilson's POV)

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Hey guys, im writing a Novella series dedicated to Don't Starve and each of it's Chapters from the sandbox right through the adventure mode, with each chapter having its own roughly 50 or 60 page Novella about it up until chapter 5, however for the Epilogue i haven't decided what to do about it since it is to short to be a full book, i will think a bit about it while im writing, Below is the very first page of the Sandbox mode Novella, tell me what you think but be gentle this is my first time writing a novella length work..


Love: Me


Don’t Starve

Chapter Zero: The Sandbox

“Say pal, you don't look so good. You better find something to eat before night comes!” said a familiar but unknown voice as I opened my eyes, I sat up and looked around at the wild Beefalo and Birds as they roam the plains feeding, getting to my feet I started wandering aimlessly through the long grass picking berries from the bushes I passed by as I took in my surroundings, as the morning passed I began to feel uneasy for some reason, it was as if I were being watched by something.

I started thinking to myself about what am I was going to do about my sleeping conditions that night, after all I had no idea where I was and my house was nowhere in sight, I soon began pulling tufts of long grass from the ground and then took the time to weave them into a makeshift bedroll which granted took me until late afternoon, I then tried to memorize the area surrounding me so that I could make my way back later and headed out to find something better than berries to eat like some carrots, bacon and potatoes with gravy I thought to myself as I walked the tree line.

All around me there were pine trees and tufts of grass but apart from the occasional berry bush not one edible food item to be seen, with no food how was I going to survive unless I had some weapons for hunting like a spear or an axe I thought to myself as I kicked a pebble into the grass, as the pebble hit the ground I heard a small dinging sound as if the rock had hit a piece of tin so I walked over to where I kicked the rock and saw a glint of something metallic.

 I was right it was an ornate bronze lighter with a red label that reads “I like Fire” –Willow with a pinkish flower print on the other side of the label, “Willow huh?” “I guess there might be others here somewhere but oh well, I guess I will keep this for now” I said as I looked around for anyone close by however finding no one anywhere, the land between the forest limits and the grassy plains was strangely devoid of life to the point that it was even somewhat eerie, I flicked the lighter cap closed and put it in my back left pocket then continued my search for food and anything that could be used to make a weapon.

As I wandered the landscape looking for a better source of food my mind began to drift away from my goal and towards how I ended up in the wilderness that I seemed to be trapped in and as my mind began to narrow down on what had happened I felt a sharp stinging sensation in my head, causing me to collapse in pain and groan in pain, I had no idea how long had passed by the time the pain had began to fade and I could move around 

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Ohmega redin y u do dis?1


It's hard to tell whether this will be thrilling/interesting or not. Definitely a nice shape for c0.

I have most of the story thought out in my head however there are small bits and pieces that i need to piece together, it should be a good read from what i can tell, the start only has Wilson out of all the characters in it but a few more come in very soon, but either way it is up for discussion and im always open to suggestions about how i could make it that little bit more exciting for you <3 and may i ask, what does c0 mean? :p

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I problem I have is that you use I too often. It's in about every single sentence and it gets kind of repetitive. I'm not sure what you could do about it though, not being a seasoned writer myself.

the story is being told from Wilson's point of view, so "i" is something that is bound to come up alot, but it dims out a bit after he meets other people

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