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"I'm going to go hunting for penguins..."

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So I think among the best aspects of Don't Starve Together so far is the fact that gun powder explosions flash for almost everyone on the map when one goes off. A perfect example of this was when a few friends of mine and I were playing while using Raidcall for voice chat.


It was toward the middle of dusk and someone asked "How effective is gun powder against penguins?", to which I responded "It's probably the best method, especially at night if you can get it as close to the middle as possible and catch as many in the blast as possible. Whatever left should go back to sleep."


Shortly into night, we're all cuddled by our individual fires, since we were off doing our own things at the time, when suddenly "Alright, I'm going in."


The whole screen flashed. "Got 'em!"


I don't think there has been a single moment in Don't Starve Together where in one brief instance, we all laughed as much as we did.

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