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Balancing with Health

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As we all know, Don't Starve couldn't just be left as it was from a balance stand point. With people working together, obviously, enemies had to become more difficult. I haven't played for more than a few days, but it seems like the enemies just have more health without dealing more damage. What do you guys think of this?


I personally find it a bit odd since enemies can be essentially stun locked pretty easily. It still feels like enemies are, overall, much easier to beat (especially the hounds). I personally think that enemies should get a slight damage buff since they are only getting in a few attacks.


At the same time, solo fighting is currently extremely difficult. Especially with the minimum split-second of lag to make kiting difficult. And (although I haven't been on any), it would seem like surviving on PvP servers would be damn near impossible. Maybe there should be on option to adjust the difficulty of enemies in world customization?


What do you guys think?

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