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What is the best approach to large amounts of configurable settings?

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The current mod I'm working on is going to have a massive amount of configurable settings based on seasons, so I need a proper way of dealing with them as to not overwhelm the end user.


Could anyone give me a few pointers, tips and approaches which would help alleviate overwhelming the end user?


Note: This is more about asking about your best approach not the best approach in general.

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Give the player a choice between changing each option individually, or going with several presets. Presets for those who want to get things going quickly, and individual customization options for those who want to have everything just as they want it.


Is there a way to code presets to be displayed to the end user through the mod screen or are you saying that should be one of the available options they see on the first screen?

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I'd say there isn't a good approach. The mod configuration support is very basic, and doesn't allow separating configs into categories, let alone folding them, so you'll just overwhelm users.

Up and Away is heavily tweakable through tuning files, but the options we actually expose via the mod configuration interface are few, and mostly concerned with disabling GPU intensive effects. Though the tuning file approach isn't too great either because Steam Workshop mods get synced everytime the user open the mods screen, overwriting any tuning tweaks.

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@simplex, that is unfortunately the issues I'm wanting to avoid. Any word on if Klei plans to expand the configuration settings to allow a more customizable experience for modders?

All I know is Klei plans on allowing mods to add proper keybindings as configuration options, but beyond that I don't know. I had been away from the forums since early July and came back not too long ago, so I'm not very well informed on these matters. rezecib might know more.

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