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DST RoG Characters published

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I know a few people have been looking for how to get various parts of Webber working for Webber spin-ff characters (@Conker446, @StalkinU). So this mod should help you get those working.


I just published DST RoG Characters on the workshop.


However, there are still a couple of problems that I wasn't able to fix. The first one I've posted here before, and appears to affect all mod characters-- ghost hats disappear after any mod character is added, even one with no content. As far as I can tell it's a bug in the mod support of the game right now, but it's possible that there might be some way to patch that from the mod, anyway.


The second one involves Wigfrid and Webber's sounds. I tried using RemapSoundEvent to remap their sounds to the DLC sound file like this:

local dsc = "dontstarve/characters/"local dsrogc = "dontstarve_DLC001/characters/"for k,v in pairs({'wathgrithr', 'webber'}) do	print('remap sound:',v)	RemapSoundEvent(dsc..v.."/death_voice",					dsrogc..v.."/death_voice")	RemapSoundEvent(dsc..v.."/hurt",					dsrogc..v.."/hurt")	RemapSoundEvent(dsc..v.."/talk_LP",					dsrogc..v.."/talk_LP")	RemapSoundEvent(dsc..v.."/emote",					dsrogc..v.."/talk_LP")	RemapSoundEvent(dsc..v.."/ghost_LP",					dsrogc..v.."/talk_LP")end

But for some reason, this only seems to work with the ones that got remapped to talk_LP. I've checked by manually emitting the sounds with the console, and the hurt and death_voice sounds do exist, but RemapSoundEvent just doesn't seem to work for them. Instead, for now, I've settled on replacing SGwilson and SGwilson_ghost to support a talker_path_override, but I really want to avoid that if possible, since the stategraphs get patched often in hotfixes.


If anyone is able to figure out how to solve either of these problems, I would be really happy to know how to do it! Meanwhile, enjoy being able to play as Wigfrid and Webber :D

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Although it may not be specific to this mod:
If one activates this mod and hosts a server with one of the new characters selected and then leaves will run into a crash whenever they try to rehost (without the mod up).

This is resolved by deleting the server with the character mod or re-enabling the mod.

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I host a server with only two mods enabled:



See the server here


When I try to get into the host menu with that server up and no mods active I get this:

When I tried to replicate the issue by clearing my log file that seemed to fix the issue, interesting.

I'll post this anyway in case anybody else runs into this issue.

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@Shaunus, You don't need to clear the log file, you just need to relaunch the game. The reason this happens is because instead of providing packaged mod character save slot icons and portraits, I substituted the DST version with the RoG versions. I don't see a really good way around it, though, as for some things it makes a lot more sense for it to think the character is part of the game officially, rather than a mod character.


Update: Looks like the bugs are being caused by the way recipes are handled now. Comparing Wickerbottom's prefab before and after, before it was adding a crafting tab and a recipe, but now it's just adding the tag "bookbuilder", which in CraftTabs reveals the book tab. So it looks like you can't do a simple Recipe(...) call in the common_postinit anymore. I'm looking for a workaround, but it will probably involve replacing crafttabs.lua until mod recipe support is looked at by PeterA.

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