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Buy Frontier Pack as a gift

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if I already owned DS and DST .......so I cant purchase it as a gift (steam problem issue)

I wonder if I use another steam account which already had only DS

Q: can I buy frontier pack as a gift?
Q: my friend can get both DS 1 key and DST 2 keys? (my friend still doesnt have both)

Thank you

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now I know that steam wont let ppl who still dont hav DST give both keys as gift

1 key must bind with purchased account T_____T


Ah, see I was curious about this. But it sort of makes sense. If this was not the case you could purchase unlimited amounts of just the Frontier pack's which steam has a policy against (there's talks more detailed in other threads I could link) but basically I guess that is why it binds to your account to stop you from being able to purchase multiple keys without buying the base game, however I know people don't like this :( You can still however purchase the megapack which has more keys.


Edit: Although in fairness, I think Steam should let you do what you want with the keys, you purchased them after all. So it should be your choice to bind or not, and if chosen not to bind could just have it "use up" the purchase, so you can not buy more. Maybe it's just easier for Steam's coding department? I don't know.


Edit again: Blah although thinking about it the above edit could mean people trying to sell/scam or something bad, there's potential for something weird there. Although in general I think Steam should give more control for things they purchase. Hrmphf!

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