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Account Banned.

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I first emailed my problem to livesupport@kleientertainment.com, but after almost 3 days without any response I decided to repost here.

So. Like the title of the topic says, I get banned. I just had a key for the beta of Don't Starve Together, I was really excited and my mind was kinda mixed up. I was laughing during the all night, playing with my friends. And then the fault comes. I named my world with a kinda racist connotation, which isn't really my style. But in the heat of the action, my friends and me didn't think about the rules at all ! In addition to act in a racist way, I made this public !! I'm blaming myself pretty much.

I now realise how much it was stupid and afflicting. I bought Don't Starve while the game was in beta test, and it still is one of my favourite games. It has a sentimental value too, and i'm really sad too see that I just sent in the air my possibility to play to the beta of Don't Starve Together. Could you please forgive me, accepting the fact that I won't ever act like that again ?

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EDIT: That is apparently their email, they have it on their twitter: https://twitter.com/klei  Learn something new :)!!!

I'm not sure if that is their email exactly. I just know to contact them via http://support.kleientertainment.com/customer/portal/emails/new


Sounds like this is related:



We have terms of service that we expect people to follow: http://www.dontstarvegame.com/terms-service
We aren't policing what happens of hosted servers (outside of our own), but since the server list is accessible by everybody, we do expect people to not have offensive server names.
This is not because of any type of age limit, this is out of decency and respect for other people.


Also, he said to contact them from the above link. Not sure if you tried by that yet?




Only one account was banned today, and that was for an extremely offensive server name and description. If your friend feels that this was not the case, have them contact us on the support site at http://support.kleientertainment.com/customer/portal/emails/new
Please make sure they include the email address they signed up with so we can check it out.


With the craze of the Frontier pack it might take a little longer for a reply, but hopefully you hear from them soon.

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My name was the same as the one I have here. However, the name of the server sounded kinda racist (it was in french by the way). I wasn't thinking about the fact that I can offence people, I just came from the download of the beta and created my server. To me, nobody was going to notice my server. Of course, I do care about what I did now, I wasn't acting as myself this night.. I was reported the last Friday.

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