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First experience

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There are a lot of reasons why I enjoy playing this game. Looking back I remember about my brother showing me Don't starve when it was still on beta. I liked the art style, and the gameplay was something different from what I've tried before, so I bought two copies (one for him, and the other one for me). 


The first moment I played, he was there watching me. What  came to my mind was "Does it have multiplayer?". By that time, the answer was obviously no. I was quite dissapointed about that fact, but that didn't stop me to spent over 100 hours with single player. 




I was really excited to experience this new moment, since I had a lot of time without playing. 


The first thing I did on a public server?


It was quite obvious, I enjoy burning things (on a videogame). And laugh like a maniac.


What did I learn?

ln9Y8Jy.jpgYou can't go on public servers and take stuff. I really thought it was a cooperative game!


So I rather made my own server, it was called "Bananas", with blackjack and a lot of beefalos...



I met great people, and we became young parents (RIP Wilson Jr, brutally murdered by some hounds)



Someone else joined us later, I was kinda scared that someone will join and ruin the fun. But by my surprise, the cooperation went better. And the results were free food.



I went on my own today, I decided to prepare for winter...



I never imagined that such cute things...




Would get me killed.



I'm looking forward for better results next time. 

A fortification against hounds would be better. 
A way to revive our dear birds would be a dream. 


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lol u r welcome to play on my server....IF u don't burn stuff :razz: u are welcome to burn hounds when away from camp... compromise?? :grin:


Seems like a fair deal to me. Sadly, I do believe that I might be laggy, since I live on South america ;)

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This is now a report of my second day playing. 


Since my last character is dead, I started again with another one. Again on the same server called "Bananas". 


Cooperation this time went better, kind of disorganized since the roles were not decided. And some were killed a lot of times, but revided later.



I set the server to have 6 slots, which got full occupied in a matter of minutes. So the camp grow faster, and the lack of food feels stronger when there's a lot of mouths to feed. So now the tittle of the game fits better. It's unusual to die from hunger when playing solo. 




So, when I find food I usually try to distribute it between all of us. Kinda hard when everyone is dispersed everywhere. 


But the camp is comfy enough, and gave me the chance to get another baby bird. Again, I wasn't there when it was born, so the birdy doesn't look at me as the mother ;_; 



But I'm glad is still alive tough...



To finalize, I already met the bad side of cooperation. They ran away while I had to fight with the hounds. I'll claim my revenge soon. 


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