[Gameplay] - Guard Incorrectly Observed as Stationary

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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay
Platform: PC
Issue Title: Guard Incorrectly Observed as Stationary
Issue Description: I observed many guards in this Financial Executive level and it showed that they were stationary. However, they were not stationary.

They were alerted by a console I hacked earlier that offered me a choice to do nothing or set off a system wide alarm to have guards go to "the primary defence target" or something. I learned a couple of turns later that this meant some guards were alerted and were running to the executive's office (so it's a possible random event to allow you to distract multiple guards away from you and/or the exit). Observing the guards who are making their way to the executive's office incorrectly shows that they are stationary.





Steps to Reproduce:


1. Get the random console event to "alert guards to a primary defence target"


2. Select the alert option

3. Observe those guards that are alerted.

4. Witness the incorrect observe result that says Stationary instead of Alerted or whatever else makes sense for their current state.



INVISIBLE, INC. branches/EarlyAccess_Dec9.120093 USER '30160804@steam'

OS: Windows (WOW64).6.1.1DB1




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I'm sure that this means just that they will be stationary when they come to new position (and they really do it if do not detect any intruder). When they ready to return from investigations of "false alarm" or "door malfunction" they have "stationary" status too. There's no specific status for such movements, perhaps if there would be one, things would be be clearer for both cases.

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