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Suggestion about map and received items

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Hello. After several days of playing DST, I want to suggest two things, that (on my own opinion) will make playing much more comfortable.


First: temporary highlight items, received from other players. 

When your friend gives you something, sometimes it's really difficult to understand what he gave (especially, if you already have few things of this type (like rocks, grass or something else). So highlighting will help to find new items in your inventory much more easier.


Second: update discovered areas on other player's map when players meet each other, or highlight areas, discovered by other player.

As you know, each player, during discovering the map, can see only areas discovered by himself. But it's not fair, when one player plays a role of a scout and other one doing everything in camp. So it will be useful, especially for roleplaying. Hardcore players may turn off this function in options.

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Your first suggestion, I liked to have that too. I'd always end up asking, what did you just give me? Thereby, wasting precious seconds on figuring out what's new in my inventory. To add a bit more to the idea maybe whenever a player gives another player an item, their characters will automatically whisper the line "I just gave PLAYERNAME, (a/an) ITEM."
Example: If I have just given Jessie a Football Helmet, chat box will show this:
[W]Zillvr: I just gave Jessie, a Football Helmet.


On the second one, I've read somewhere that the devs saying that they are making sharing map information a possibility in the future, I just don't know exactly when. 

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