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Now, what with the Deerclops?

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I planted a fortress of trees and the Deerclops just knock them down like they're made of cotton and I must be in the worst possible luck that no Treeguards whatsoever spawn from that.

Now I lure him to somewhere far far far faaaaar away from my base and the Beefalos because my health and equipment is not ready for a solo fight (stupid hounds won't drop teeth for traps)

What should I do now? Or he'll just be gone when winter ends?

Oh, BTW, anyone knows where Chess biome usually are? I need 4 more gears for 2 more ice flingy. The chess you find on my map has already been harvested.



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Deerclops can kill many (if not all) beefalos before they kill him. You will gain a lot of meat but beefalos are quite valuable alive. You can lure it to tentacles though. Also log suits and a spear should be enough to kill him if you have learned how to kite him. Your sanity probably will drop to 0 so be ready to fight shadow creatures and find a way to regain sanity.


Chess biomes are completely random. You can also go down to ruins. It's easier to find many gears there is you are prepared for the trip.

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It's less of a "chess biome" and more of setpieces that are generated that happen to have chess biomes in them and chess clockworks in tow.

There's always at least one guaranteed patch of chess clockworks right next to the wooden thing. You'll just have to explore more of your map until you stumble across it.


Edit: Oh, seems you already found it. Hmmmm... welp, there's always more clockworks down in the Ruins!

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