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Disclaimer: I apologize if I'm tripping over my words a slight bit since I usually know what I'm talking about whenever I decide to go off on some kind of tangent about something, so i get kind of flustered when I don't know what exactly it is i'm referring to whenever I say something, sorry >w<


Now, I feel a bit out of place asking this, as I'm usually not the kind to ask for extensive help a.k.a I'm way too prideful for my own good  but for a while I've been wanting to be able to create games and mod existing ones (like Don't Starve) and while sites like http://www.codecademy.com/ have helped me immensely in learning the framework and I've gone through over half of the Python program in there, so I know a fair bit about the language (Although I know a bit about Lua, the language Don't Starve is in) and how it works, although I've never really been able to figure out how this translates into being able to do things other than the smallish text adventures games that I made a while back. 


As of now, I can't really do much in modding with Don't Starve other than create a couple rudimentary weapons, and I'd like to know if there's anyone out there who could explain to me how all this works, since I don't know much about modding, or programming in general (apparently) Now, of course, the question might come up (as it has before) about why not just post the questions I have here on the forums to have them answered for all to see, well, that's mostly because a lot of my smaller questions would probably just be common sense to anyone who knows a fair amount about modding, so it might end up getting redundant quick, and it's partially because I don't think the knowledge I want to learn can be taught by one or two forum posts. If you'd like a better place to contact me (or just to be able to talk relatively, this is my Steam


(Sorry about the likely large number of grammar mistakes, reaching Kankri levels of run-on sentences here) 


Thanks in advance ^_^

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Lesson #1: What is a mod


A mod is a bunch of lua scripts, animations and sounds the game loads smoothly to allow easy content addition or manipulation by third party packages - the mods.

The game handles most of the user-end things the same way, which is why modding in DS is so easy. However, a good bit of the game consists of an custom C++ engine, which I frankly cannot grasp at all. As such, you could only hope for the few coding-genii - such as simplex or rincevvind - to teach you a few things about it, and look for the fragments of information they left in these forums. For example, simplex wrote up an analysation of bullet - the physics engine (from my experience and understanding, his initial goal is impossible in DS though).

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