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Batilisk farm problem

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    So I tried making an enclosed Batilisk farm yesterday, putting two rabbit hutches

next to a sinkhole and building a stone wall around the whole thing. The thing is, no

matter how narrow and convoluted it is, the bunnymen always seem to end up outside

the enclosure and usually need help getting back in (why do they find getting out so much

easier than getting in?) Aside from simply being annoying and making the farm less

efficient, it also means I can't safely pick up the monster meat and batilisk wings until

I've gotten everybody back inside. Any idea how to fix this whole ordeal?


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Alternatively, if that is not an option, you can simply use hay walls as doors, destroying and rebuilding them when you wish to enter and exit.


Although I am unsure how this would work for your particular issue, as I have only used this strategy on beefalo.

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