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Gramophone vs. Phonograph

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Most you you guys probably know Maxwell's Phonograph he listens to at the end of Adventure Mode. It is essentially a gramophone, and there have already been speculations about it. But there's one thing I still don't have an answer for:


Why is it called Phonograph and not Gramophone?


A gramophone reads notes from a medium (usually a disc) and plays sound based on those. That's literally what the name implies. So using that way of thinking, we can conclude that the Phonograph should actually be listening to sound and turn that into a (visual) representation.


What does that mean?!


A phonograph is an early gramophone, as those had to be capable of recording as well. That means we should be able to record something that will be stuck in Maxie's head forever :twisted:


I'm still unsure at this point, who made the phonograph in the first place, why, and how come it plays music instead. Your opinion is needed!

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The first versions of the device were called phonographs, and could record sound onto the discs as well as replay the discs.


Once a commercial industry for producing (mostly musical) discs became established, the second generation of devices became known as gramophones, and could only play the discs, and not record.



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