[Gameplay] - Armor durability going beyond 100%


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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Issue Title: Armor durability going beyond 100%

Issue Description: My Logsuit and Rugby armors went beyond 100% each going to roughly 125%. Whether it happens to other armors I don't know, Also I don't know if it works the same for warm or sanity items.

Steps to Reproduce: I have little knowledge to how it happened however it occurred during the first winter, after a server restart. Do note it wasn't on a dedicated server and it occurred to me, the host. I am unsure as to whether it can happen to those who aren't the host additionally.

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My football helmet did this. Was at 115% and I'm not sure why.

I gave it to my friend and they said it was 100%


It's very strange and I'm not sure if it's a weird number switch or what.

All I know is that if it's still at full durability it will do this, otherwise it sits at the lowered number.

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Huh, just checked and it's working correctly for me. The only thing I see is that Armor:SetPercent() and Armor:SetCondition() allow to set an arbitrary non negative value, so some mod (or a function that I haven't seen) could use that in an unintended manner. Other than that, no idea. Sorry.

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