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A craftable item suggestion for steel wool!

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I'm pretty sure that devs have something like this in mind, but I thought to suggest this anyway:


The steel wool could be used to make an equipable item (vest/hat/helmet/suit) which would be useful for you to wear during winter as an item that protection you from freezing AND gives armour. Its durability would go down slowly, but it would go down as you wear it AND if your character gets harmed by anything.


Just a small suggestion. What do you think of this? What do you think will be the real use of the steel wool?

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Real use of steel wool in my opinion would be using it with cut stone nightmare fuel, gold nuggets to make a valor badge, based on my idea for ewecus' backstory, could be a higher defense item however, slowly drain sanity over time, I even thought of a corny info thing to go with it "Valor Badge" Ewecus has been through it all"


Something silly to think about, but ya never know, silly simple things can stem from great inventions!

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Clearly we'll use it to style Wilson's beard.


Alternatively, rub it against your charged Lightning Rod for a one-time use electrically charged projectile. Give it to your unsuspecting friends for revenge when they laughed at you for getting struck by lightning, as now it just happened to them.

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Overpowered. Would rather eat Steel Wool to make insides bleed.

*sarcasm alert*

1) You stuuupid?!

2) Yeah, the fact that you only get 1 - 3 steel wool after a deadly fight with Ewecus makes the item with freezing protection + armour more OP than any item already existant in game. Yeah, that's so OP, the giants' drops' craftable items don't match with this! -______-

I'm surprised you people hate the idea. It's not OP it's hard to come by! And if it gives only small protection and small heat protection, like a grass suit + rabbit earmuffs or somethjng like that, you'd still call it OP. Wow, thanks a lot.

I'd say your ideas would be more OP than mine is tbh...

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