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Email verification hasn't come through?

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thx for the response of hey orangezest90 you are dumb, second place i checked is spam nothing there, it's empty xD this is frustrating...

So I tried disabling spam filter completely and resending 3 more times, within a 30 minute time frame and nothing, i took the time to create an account on the forums because reading some posts and troubleshooting before hand myself i couldn't get it to work, back handedly calling me an idiot didn't help any, you have my email address, find a way to send it to me, having me do something pointless to play the game is the real issue however...

still trying to resolve issue solo, sent email to noreply@kleientertainment.com  and instanly recieved a response, strange how that is the email address that sends the verification and i got it... #conspiracy theory

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