[General] - Disconnected from Server but can still move around


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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Issue Title: Disconnected from Server but can still move around

Issue Description: I went to play DST today to check out the new content and came across a little problem. I disconnected from the server but could still move around and pick stuff up, the only problem was I couldn't really see what I was doing cause of the disconnected pop-up.

I reported this before and was asked for my log, so I grabbed it this time. Here it is.

Since I'm here, I'd like to offer a suggestion. Can you awesome devs add an option to reconnect to a server instead of just quit that server?

One more thing and I'll let you guys get back to working on DST.... Is there a thread about minimum requirements to run this game? I still get some lag and Wilson looks like an old man after bending over to pick something up as it takes a few seconds to stand upright. This doesn't happen on the single-player version.

Thanks guys!

Steps to Reproduce: Get disconnected from the server as a client. Continue to run around and pick stuff up.

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  • Developer

Hey spencer320, the forum's not great about attaching files on first attempt. Mind posting it again so someone can take a look? Cheers!


As for the minspec, it shouldn't be meaningfully different from the base game: what you're seeing when Wilson takes a while to pick something up is lag between your input to pick the thing up and the server replying that you've picked it up.

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SethR ... Sorry, been busy at work and stuff. I think it's the same log, I don't remember playing after it happened but here it is.


Any idea how I can fix that delay? I always get a bad host tag. I'm on Comcast internet, my kids play PS3 games online with no problems so it shouldn't be the internet.... my laptop? What would you suggest? I'm looking into replace this one anyway!


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@spencer320, The "good host" "bad host" thing goes off your frame rate as a measure of how well your computer is handling hosting. So unfortunately there's not much you can do except try to make sure DST is being prioritized as much as possible (closing everything else), or upgrading/using a better computer.


Over time, though, engine optimizations should improve the lag a bit, though.

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