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DST on mac?

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From what Bigfoot has said about optimizing the game, it could be coming out by this or the next month. He talked out optimizing performance and latency and general optimizations with it. So DST Mac and Linux versions are coming soon.


That would be nice and that way I could actually test it and report bugs for the mac.


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Our Mac people in the office are equally frustrated :-)


No exact ETA on Mac/Linux yet.  But it's not too far off.

Yeah thats really good to hear, on top of the fact they support both systems not many games do. Also this makes me want to buy Don't Starve and the DLC, as well as this when it comes out, I just hope I get a beta key for the mac version. I would love to stream it and if I don't get one I might support Klei anyways :D


YAY can't wait I cuz i have two keys and want to play :grin: ( I has a mac too!)

I know I made the mistake to activate the code before checking if it worked with wine and was sadly disapointed and it only made me want to try out the game more when and if it comes out for mac.

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