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[Gameplay] Opening Chat Mode Triggers Run-Lock If Player is Running

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Currently, when we wish to chat on a server we have to drop everything we are doing and type out what we want to say. Of course there would be other third-party options that will let us speak/talk to the players in the same server, but this suggestion would probably be the most rudimentary fix/work-around for the issue of having to stop to type in chat. 


Let me explain the term I used, Run-Lock. This feature would lock the movement instruction to always move the same direction indefinitely until run-lock ends or player moves a different direction. Listed below would be the conditions for Run-Lock, so it wouldn't be exploitable:

  1. It will be triggered once a player presses the say/whisper button (default Y and U, respectively) only if the player is moving a certain direction. If player is stationary, pressing either say/whisper will not trigger run-lock.
  2. It will continue to be triggered while the chat box is open and player is typing.
  3. If chat box closes, run-lock will end three(3) seconds later so player has time to place his/her hand back into controlling character movement through WASD.
  4. If player isn't typing anything into chat box for more than five(5) seconds, chat box will close and then go to (3).
  5. Optional: If player is typing unintelligible words & groups of letters, chat box will close and then go to (3).
  6. Optional: If player is typing repeating sets or groups of random letters, chat box will close and then go to (3). The 5th and 6th condition will deter people from exploiting run-lock by pretending to be typing in chat just to have run lock triggered.
  7. Run-Lock ends instantly if player moves a different direction.

And that's the majority of my suggestion. I do not know how hard it would be for any typed string of words may be considered unintelligible words or have any specific vocabulary to base typed words on. But I hope this whole suggestion makes sense. If anyone else have anything to add, or have figured out a loop hole with these conditions or if something doesn't makes sense. Please let me know down below.



  • Haven't found any other suggestion specifically like this.
  • The only other suggestion that has a small resemblance with locking movement as my suggestion is: "Go Here!" Function [Auto Travel]



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Honestly, the idea of an auto-run in multiplayer doesn't seem like it would be a major issue at all because the worlds are often very large, to accommodate more people. So I agree, 5 and 6 not only seem unnecessary but contrary to a potential feature which could be quite useful to begin with.

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