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Really bad lag?

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Hello all! I just got into the beta today, I've been really hyped for it since it was announced, so me and my friend instantly jumped in and started a server together. Unfortunately, once we started, whichever one of us wasn't hosting was welcomed by horrible lag. Picking up objects took sometimes over 10 seconds to do, stopping and running in place constantly, characters doing movements with no input, dying out of nowhere only to find out we died 50 yards away, ect...


I was wondering if this is a server issue since there's a new batch of keys going around, or if me and my friend are doing something wrong? We live a half hour away from each other, so it's not a long-distance issue. When he hosted, my ping around 20-35, and his said "Good Host", but when I hosted, he had the same ping and mine said "Bad Host", could this be part of the issue? Really excited for the Beta, and I can't wait to play more if this gets resolved!

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Yeah, if it's saying "Bad Host", then your computers are having trouble hosting a smooth server. So it's probably not in the network, but more that your computers just can't handle hosting :(


Hopefully the lower bar for computers hosting smooth servers will drop a bit as the game gets more optimized.

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Have you tried joining someone else's server? You both might have better luck with someone else hosting, I don't know.

Also, when you start I'm not sure if your setting a lot to "more" or keeping it at default. I just mention this, because when I'm hosting my friend comments there tends to be more lag when we start getting up to 100+ days. Like more things accumulating, beefalo etc. (But that was also during the more meteor rocks etc. They since fixed that.)


@rezecib, Doesn't this


help with movement or whatever? I don't know.  :indecisiveness:




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