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Literally, these are commented out. I wanted to share them as they are fitting to the game, and they describe each corporation's special threats in a lore-friendly way. And apparently, KO is short for Kelfried & Odin, didn't know that.


Much of my code has been creafted by the dev teams in complex 5 of the Naketomi district. Before me, their most notable contribution to the firm was the advanced AI Daemon programs known as the Keibi. Guards of the network. Their programs all tend to be lethal in nature. I'm telling you this because Im reading lines of their code in my packet feed. They are here.

In cooperation with Kelfried & Odin, Sankaku has been working on a drone design known as Akuma scheduled to be released in several months. Based off the readings from this floor, it appears the design may have been completed early. The Akuma drone is virtually impervious to all damage and its AI brain core is defended by dense firewalls.        

There are gaps in my probes of the mainframe. The digital signature of these blanks reveals the cause: Sankaku's null field drones. The field carried by these drones will completely block all mainframe activity in the affected zone. I will be of little help in those areas.

Staffing manifests show that the Thor division has taken up barracks at this complex. The Thor division is Kelfried and Odin's most elite unit. They are equipped with power assisted armor suits capable of absorbing a direct hit from a standard RPG. Even on standard patrol duty they will be equipped with assault rifles with enough ammo to sustain a prolonged fire fight.

Be careful, I'm reading search algorithms that match the profile of the Loki Sentry Turret system. They are extremely sensitive to movement. Just the slightest twitch from a unregistered contact will switch them into overwatch mode. Watch for their accompanying on site generator which makes them safe from building power outage.                    

You will need to move quickly here. I've detected the monitoring signal of the Tyr scanning suite. Once installed on a floor, these  devices are designed to enhance the buildings own sensor system to rapidly decrease the time it will take to home in on your team.

Ambient radio chatter has revealed several code words used commonly by Kelfried & Odin's Special Operations unit The Spec Ops team uses the MK IV optical enhancement suite to lethal effect. It grants them environmental awareness possibly matched only by your team. But it's not their eyes you should be most worried about.

Are you aware of Plastech's omega facility? You shouldn't be. Everyone who visits the place has their mind erased. It is the training grounds of Plastech's Psi Corp. Candidates for this program are selected and isolated from an early age. Those that survive the chemical and mental training gain the ability to enter a target's mind. I don't suggest you let them in.

There is too much data missing on the personnel files of this floor. My favorite prediction routine which has never failed me suggest it has been removed to hide the presence of the Ghost Division. Studying complex skin cells on animals such as octopus and insects, Plastech created an advanced cloaking membrane. It is grafted to a host's own skin making them virtually impossible to see unless you stand very close. Fortunately, it has not been made functional for complex gear such as a firearm. But do not expect them to stop looking for a solution to that problem.


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This is descriptions from pre-early access alpha versions of the game (I was realy intrigued by them some time ago too and succesfully get from torrents v10, v12 and v13)

apparently, KO is short for Kelfried & Odin, didn't know that.

I am sure that the full name of the corporation often appears on the briefing screen (btw it was renamed to "Kelfried & Oden"). If you do not pay attention to it , you probably do not know that FTM is an abbreviation for "factory to market".

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Really need to say that getting these little bits of pieces and information about the lore is always interesting. I really want to know more about this world and just these things make me want more!


I hope they'll add a "agent kindle" of some sorts, where we get to discover, read and learn a little bit about the world (like the comments above) in-game.

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