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Issue Title: Koalefant tracking failed

Issue Description: I was playing online with some people (as client) and then i found out Suspicious Dirt Pile. i have clicked on it and it was facing south. So i went south to find next and pressed space to investigate it, then it said (not sure if it was the character itself, it was a brief moment) "you can't do that" and the pile disappeared, making tracking of the animal impossible.

Two minutes later i have been disconnected from the game, it is possible that there was some connection issue by the time i attempted tracking.

I checked my documents folder but it seems there is no log file.

Steps to Reproduce: find Suspicious Dirt Pile and press space to investigate, follow the piles.

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I don't think the disconnection was related, but koalefant tracks are definitely not working like in single-player.


Looking at the code, it looks like you only have 22.5 seconds to get to the next track before it gets removed. The relevant part of hunter.lua:

    if hunt.lastdirttime then        if (GetTime() - hunt.lastdirttime) > (.75*TUNING.SEG_TIME) and hunt.huntedbeast == nil and hunt.trackspawned >= 1 then                    -- check if the player is currently active in any other hunts          	local playerIsInOtherHunt = false		    for i,v in ipairs(_activehunts) do			    if v ~= hunt and v.activeplayer and hunt.activeplayer then			        if v.activeplayer == hunt.activeplayer then				        playerIsInOtherHunt = true				    end			    end		    end		    		    -- if the player is still active in another hunt then end this one quietly		    if playerIsInOtherHunt then		        StartCooldown(hunt)		    else                ResetHunt(hunt, true) --Wash the tracks away but only if the player has seen at least 1 track            end                        return        end    end

I wonder if the .75*TUNING.SEG_TIME was supposed to be something bigger, maybe .75*TUNING.TOTAL_DAY_TIME (that would be 6 minutes)? 22.5 seconds to follow up on a track seems pretty low.


There doesn't appear to have been an analogous timeout process in single-player, as lastdirttime never actually gets read (it gets written to in several places, but never actually used anywhere I can see).

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@bizziboi, Ah, I see now. But that's only supposed to be occurring during Spring, isn't it?

    if self.lastdirttime and GetSeasonManager() and GetSeasonManager():IsSpring() then        if (GetTime() - self.lastdirttime) > (.75*TUNING.SEG_TIME) and self.huntedbeast == nil and self.trackspawned > 1 then            self:ResetHunt(true) --Wash the tracks away but only if the player has seen at least 1 track            return        end    end
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Maybe, i clicked on the track before 22.5sec limit but before the character came to it, it was already past 22.5, track was invalid and that was the reason for it to disappear.


It is possible the text was a little different, i didnt have enough time to read it. After some more gameplay same never happened to me, if it does i will report back.

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