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[MOD] Modded server and auto download

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Well, I dunno. Maybe someone else already suggested this but I keep to post this idea. You know there are modded servers. If you join them without the listed mods who knows what's going to happen. So here we go. As you know that very well there are tons of multiplayer games where if you join to a modded server, the server gonna ask you may you want to download the mods what it is using.

Can we implement this feature into DST?


Thanks for reading.

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PeterA's been working on this already. When Steam Workshop support officially comes out, any mods from the workshop will be able to automatically download if they have a certain flag in their modinfo set. The mods enable just for that joining session, so you don't accidentally end up with random mods on.


I think he's waiting to see if a few more issues pop up and maybe waiting to get a few more mod API features fixed (like Actions) before rolling out Workshop support.

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