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i was thinking of diffrent type of emotes.


lets sayyyyy your friend takes all the food you had

you could do the saw hand emote or somthing elce

but its just a short animation.

or you could do a difrent type of emote

it would make you happy/sad/angry while you do stuffs instead of having the same  :apathy: face


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Well, there are emotes for happy (/happy), sad (/cry), and angry (/angry).


But I guess what you were suggesting was that the characters keep an happy/sad/angry face for a while afterwards as they're running around and stuff? Hmm, that would be pretty cool, actually.

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That'll be a nice addition, seeing annoyed wilsons running around camp. I'd suggest a duration so character doesn't stay in the emote for long periods of time until you decide to emote something else. Maybe 2-3 time segments long is enough before character's expression wears off and reverts to the default state. Or until you emote something else, then the timer resets itself again to revert to default after another 2-3 time segments.


Anyways, I like the idea too.  

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