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How to repick a character in DST?

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I was playing around with the debug console on a test server I had and I think I just figured out how to repick a character once you jump in a server. But you're either got to be host or with the host to repick your character.
To get a person to repick his/her character on your server, as host you have to do the following:

  • Open debug console by pressing the tilde sign (~)
  • Hover your mouse over the person who wants to repick their character.
  • Type the following in the console: TheInput:GetWorldEntityUnderMouse():Remove()
  • Then press enter.
  • The player you were hovering your mouse on will return to the character selection screen again and be able to repick a new character.

I've tried this on my own server with myself. One time it bugged out and DST had to restart, but nothing seemed to be out of place when I came back into the same server. I've also just tried this as a player client on somebody else's server. I asked for the host to do the instructions above, on me. And I still got to repick my character. Do note that a few things would happen if you do this:

  • You will lose all your inventory from the previous character.
  • You will start fresh and respawn at first spawn. Fresh as is brand new, as if you were a new character.
  • You will still have all of your previous map information.
  • Upon reaching the character selection screen a second time, your previous character will now be the default character you are selecting. Compared to when you first joined, which was always Wilson on every character selection for every server because he's the first character in the list.
  • This work-around also works on characters in their ghost-state.
  • I do now know what really happens with the data from the previous character.

So guys, I have yet to test this any further, so if anything goes wrong on your servers for trying this out. Let us know down below what happened. So we can test the limits of this repick work-around. I can't classify this as an exploit since it involves using the debug console.
I've also tried this on my server where I played as Wickerbottom, and have spent 78 in-game days on, doing the repick option above will result in the following character selection screen. Notice the Days Survived under the big portrait. Somehow it makes me think this feature would be part of DST someday. well maybe not...idek.



  • I've done a search with the keyword repick change character and nothing seems to involve actually changing or repick a character in a server.
  • If this work-around has been mentioned before, forgive my ignorance and link the specific thread!

Thanks everyone!

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Some other commands that are a little easier to type are:


- that does it for yourself




- that does it for the nearest non-self Wilson

Thank you! I knew there should be a better way to do it, just didn't know how exactly. Thanks again rez!

So sorry again for not finding the right topic when I search stuff.

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Sorry to bump this thread, but does this still work in the latest version? Cause when I tried it just now, it just makes my entire screen go black after deleting my character and nothing else happens. I can't do anything, I can't open the steam overlay as well as the pause menu. The entire game just goes black and that's it. The only thing I can hear after this is the sound of the ocean, even though I wasn't anywhere near an ocean when I deleted my character. Does anyone know a fix for this? Cause it'd really like to redo my choice for my character on my server, which is already on day 20

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