Five nights at klei enterteinment's pizza


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Five nights at Klei entertainment pizza


"Hello? Hey, i'm supposed to record something for you to get you put up to speed with your new job. Mysekf I'm finishing up my Last week at the time im recording this. so um, a few basic things: The tablets you have on you, once you switch them on, they drain a little power, but they let you se through the cameras. better than a whole wall of monitors like the movies, right? Then there's the doors. they close with some kind of magnet-feild thingymabob, so closing them drains power too. and so does your door lights. Since the pizzeria's budget is kinda low at the moment, power is limited per night. once your shift starts, it's all generator power. Now, the animatronics here are a little quirky at night. they enter a "free-roam mode" at night, and they stop recognizing people as people, and more as "empty endoskeleton with no suit on". Endoskeletons that aren't in a suit walking about outside the backstage area are against the rules, so they'll probably try st stuff you into a suit. And since they're filled with wires, animatronic devices, metal and all that, chances are you might die. if not i think you could hold on for about a week or so.


Anyways, your shift will start any minuite now, so i'll leave it for today. see you two tomorrow!"


Welcome to my DS/FNAF crossover RP! Last time i tried this things worked just fine, exept that one of the players stopped responding and such. i decided to start over and make a new one.


For this RP 2 people will have to RP as guards. those people are:


Eyris (Dara999)


Florence (LiptonPee)


I will narrate the story.

The players take turns in responding, in such a turn as they are listed. Enjoy :grin:


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Well I don't see a format for a character, so I'll make my own.


Name: Florence 


About: Female, great multi-tasker. Good at obtaining a strategy, but can easily be thrown out of concentration by ambiance and loud noises. 


Looks: Short haired, red-head. Wearing whatever attire was provided for the job. 


(Tried to keep it short since this is... well... a fnaf roleplay on a ds forum)

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Florence glanced at Eyris nervously. Oh, how she wished she didn't need money this bad. She peeks at her monitor, seeing the animatronics hold their original positions, for now. The eerie silence fell upon her ears, suddenly noticeable. 


She returns her gaze to Eyris, then the posters on the wall. 

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Eyris found the dark security room unsettling, the fact her coworker looked really nervous didn't help either.

"Hey... I don't think we really introduced each other... My name's Eryris..." She stuck her hand out in hopes of a handshake, giving a nervous smile.

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