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Cannot buy Two-Pack on Steam when I already own the game


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I want to buy a 2-Pack of DS+RoG on Steam and gift both copies. However, when I add it to my cart, both the "Purchase for myself" and the "Purchase as a gift" buttons are dulled out and unclickable. The 2-Pack is the only item in my cart. I have included a screenshot below.



I would try to contact Steam Support directly, but the following message is displayed:



Help Desk ErrorOur help desk is currently disabled. Normal operations will resume shortly. Thank you for your patience.


How can I solve this problem, besides just buying two individual copies at a higher price?

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Hey guys, the way that the 2-packs are setup on Steam, one copy of the game will automatically be added to the buyer's Steam games library. The other copy will be added to their inventory to gift to a friend. 


Alas, if a person owns the game already, Steam checkout doesn't allow the account to be able to purchase the 2-pack to send as two gifts.

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Oh, the many aggravations of steam. I remember trying to buy a game I already owned for a friend... :wilson_facepalm:

I find it weird they don't allow that. But even on the screen shot it says you can purchase as a gift.

"You can purchase these items as a gift"

You'd think they would allow it then! :p


*gets pitchforks ready and glares at Steam*

Hope they sort that out. Good luck to you.

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