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[Suggestion] Host Status

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For starters, I'd like to question the factors that can make somebody a "good" or "Bad" Host when they open a server. From the ones I've hosted so far I have picked up a few patterns. If nobody enters the world for a decent period of time, you get "Bad" Host status, or if people join then leave, you again get "Bad Host" Status. Now, if the people left for legitimate reasons, like the Host was actually being a jerk, then yes, by all means they should be given "Bad" host. However, if people are just Server jumping until they find one that has the start they like it shouldn't affect the Host Status. It's also been hinted at to me that Host Status, can affect the Lag and Server quality, why this is so is beyond any logic I can think of. So for it to be like that isn't a very good motivator for server hosts that are not playing a singular group of people.


Suggestions on how to fix, If the players keep popping in and out without any real world interaction or meaningful time spent in the world, it shouldn't affect the Host. Maybe having a timer on how long a player stays in, and if they leave after a certain amount of time it can affect the Host Status. If the player comes in and then leaves after a few seconds, it should leave the Host Status unharmed.


Does anyone else have a suggestion?

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I think you are missunderstanding. The bad or good host status is based on wether or not people have a good connection or not on your server. It doesent have anything to do with how people behave.


I can agree that the name implies that the actual host is good or bad. Maybe it should say bad or good server/connection instead.


Unfortunatly I do not know the specifics of this system. But maybe a dev or perhaps Rezecib can enlighten you :)

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What he said^ lol.

My understanding it has to do with connection/lag status, not if someones actually a jerk or not. ^^


I think the words were chosen so they could fit on screen, as well. Only so much you can put into the menus, I imagine.


It was talked about a bit here :



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Hellkitty linked the specifics, but I'll just quote them directly for convenience:

The server performance indicator is currently tuned as follows:
50 FPS or higher -> Good Host
30 FPS or higher -> OK Host
Below 30 FPS -> Bad Host

The reason this was added is because there are two very relevant factors to lag: actual connection latency (ping), and how well the server is actually running. The good host / bad host addresses how smoothly the server is running.

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