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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Scanning amp

Issue Description: When i was doing an extremely guarded security dispatch FTM mission, I got a scanning amp right next to the starting point. I used Dr Xu to disable it (disable and take the tech) on the first turn (before the objective appeared). But the sound was still there, there was no graphical effect of disabling the scanner and the objective was there, too. And, when the alarm level changed, the scanning amp pinpointed my location.

( As always, sorry for my english)

Steps to Reproduce: Generate the FTM mission until you get the scanning amp right next to starting point. Then disable it and take the valuable tech using doctor Xu.

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  • Developer

Thanks for posting.  Next update, the objective should be reflected correctly in the specific case of disabling the amplifier via methods other than hacking.


If the scanner itself isn't being deactivated correctly even if it's tech is removed, that might be a different bug.  If you experience this, please post a savegame.


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