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Is gunpowder damage nerfed?

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Just wondering if anyone has successfully measured the gunpowder damage.  I believe character damage is reduced to 0.6x normal based on one of rezecib's posts, but not sure about gunpowder.  Gunpowder and sleep darts have generally been my go-to solution for deerclops, and it's even more tempting now that ping makes kiting much harder.


A forum search for gunpowder didn't reveal an answer, but I did see some crash complaints.  Perhaps it's too buggy to know right now?

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The 0.6 multiplier is applied only to character melee weapons and boomerangs (including punches). Blowdarts and gunpowder still do the same damage.


Edit: Technically the game defines much of the damage of weapons in terms of a wilson_attack value, which is the spear's damage. DST modifies wilson_attack by multiplying by 0.6, and then unarmed damage is separately set to 10 instead of 17.

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