Have: Woodie Figure/Want: Spider, Pigman, or WX-78!


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Hey, I got a box of 8 figures and managed to get only 1 duplicate of Woodie! I mostly want spider but, WX-78 and Pigman are ok too. The Woodie I have will come with the tenticle spike and an axe. I already have these items: Fire Staff, Tentacle Spike, Bat Bat, Pitchfork, Campfire, Crow. Any accessories you offer me that I don't have are fine as long as the character's main accessories comes with it. If you have any questions feel free to ask! I will ship to only US.


I need











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Not sure why I can't edit my post: you can also massage me through Steam EnolaFay13 or email me which is my steam name at yahoo dot com.


You should be able to edit your posts now, new forum accounts need to meet certain requirements before being able to customize profile, change avatar, edit posts and such. If you're still not able to edit your posts, please let us know.

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You should probably only list the figure you want to trade in the first post. I think people are confused and thinks you are willing to trade all figures under "I have"

Yeah I kind of realized that  :nightmare:. I'll remove it, I just made it because I thought I would show the ones I have so people wouldn't offer them.

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