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Bug Submission:

Category: General
Issue Title: Ghost tracking koalefant
Issue Description: At the end of tracking a koalefant, a ghost says the words a living character would usually say ("This track is fresh, the beast must be nearby." -Wilson). I've done this with Wickerbottom too.
Steps to Reproduce: 1. Die, be a ghost.
2. Start tracking a koalefant.
3. Finish tracking a koalefant.



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  • Developer

I've also noticed this, but I always forget to submit a bug report after each game session.

This also occurs with Willow as a ghost, and I'm guessing for every other character too.


Yep, this will be global to all characters when in their ghost form. I've got a bug to look into this, but it probably won't happen for a little while.

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